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Artisans since 1960

Ibizas Heritage

Online shoe fashion store

Welcome to Ibiza Heritage, the online shoe fashion store. With the hope of new times and the strength of our youth, we continue the family project of manufacturing sneakers started in the early 60s. Years of sacrifices, perseverance and enthusiasm have brought us this far, inheriting the craft, enriching it with new technologies and inspired by the Mediterranean sea, the wind and the light of Ibiza every day.

Among our star products, linked to the tradition of Ibiza, we have the espadrilles, a footwear always and never ceases to be in trend, sure you've already had an eye on them. It is a comfortable, versatile shoe that adapts to both day and night occasions. It is perfect for spring and summer looks, since its characteristics make it ideal for hot weather.

Although today it looks like a fashionable footwear and triumphs among celebrities and influencers, espadrilles have their origins in ancient Egypt, with its first version, the sandal. Later, the Romans finished off the design by elaborating a covered slipper, in order to protect the foot from the heat and the sun. The word Espadrille, comes from the French name for this type of footwear, commonly known in Spain as espadrilles, and undoubtedly cause a furor in Ibizan lands. Buy espadrilles online in our store is extremely simple. We have them for both men and women, with exclusive designs for each gender.

In both cases, the materials are of excellent quality, jute, split leather, natural rubber, raffia ..., durable and resistant materials that will accompany you on your walks through the Pitiusas islands and the rest of the geography. Our wide catalog includes classic models and more daring models, our black Cala d'hort model is perfect for an elegant outfit with a long and flowing dress, while the Cala Llenya model is ideal to start the day.

Another of our most outstanding products are our sneakers for women. We can state categorically that they are very special, since their handmade manufacture makes them totally different from those you can find in a conventional store. Made of cotton and with a sole made of natural and vulcanized jute, our handmade sneakers will make you stand out from the crowd.

This type of casual sneakers for women, is one of the most demanded nowadays, for the groundbreaking designs and for the comfort that they provide to the foot during long hours. They are very combinable and practically go with everything, shorts, jeans or a dress. Sneakers are here to stay and if they are so original and with quality materials, then there is no doubt, we invite you to explore our catalog and choose the one that best suits you.